Frank And Oak: Elevating Sustainable Fashion with New Women’s Underwear Collection

Frank And Oak: Elevating Sustainable Fashion with New Women’s Underwear Collection

Frank And Oak, the Canadian sustainable clothing brand, is making waves with its latest collection of women’s underwear. The assortment includes a range of essential undergarments, from hipster briefs and bikini panties to bralettes and plunge neck bras. What sets this collection apart is its commitment to comfort, eco-friendliness, and thoughtful design.

The underwear from Frank And Oak features simple elastic bands and a barely-there design that ensures comfort and avoids visible lines under clothing. The bras in the collection are wire-free and without padding, offering a natural look, comfortable feel, and ample support. Adjustable straps make them suitable for various body types. What truly distinguishes this underwear collection is its use of responsibly grown and sustainably harvested organic cotton and TENCEL™ Modal, both plant-based materials known for their eco-friendliness.

For eco-conscious consumers who also appreciate aesthetics, Frank And Oak’s collection offers a variety of stunning color options. In addition to several neutrals, the collection includes honey yellow, dark crimson, and a delicate Atlantic green, providing choices for different tastes and preferences.

Founded in Montreal in 2012, Frank And Oak started as an apparel brand with a mission aligned with the values of the latest generation of creatives and business makers. Over the years, it has grown into a top brand and online retailer in Canada. Frank And Oak’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its B Corp certification, signifying its focus on creating value for all stakeholders, including employees, the environment, and the community.

As a company, Frank And Oak places a strong emphasis on acting with purpose, fostering communities, inspiring innovation, and staying authentic. Its journey toward becoming a sustainable fashion leader has involved extensive research in materials science and sustainable processes. This dedication has resulted in high-quality fashion items and a positive impact on Canada and the planet as a whole.

The brand’s commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of its operations, from product design to packaging and the design of physical stores and offices. Frank And Oak constructs its offices and stores using recycled materials and aims to minimize waste in collaboration with local Canadian artisans. When selecting furniture, it prioritizes locally sourced and upcycled options, emphasizing reuse whenever possible when updating existing stores.

Frank And Oak understands that every neighborhood and community is unique. Therefore, the brand strives to design its stores in harmony with the spirit of their locations, aiming to enhance the character of the neighborhood rather than detract from it.

With its sustainable practices, extensive research into materials science, and focus on creating a positive impact, Frank And Oak provides eco-minded customers with confidence that their purchases benefit the entire planet. From underwear to outerwear and everything in between, Frank And Oak produces high-quality clothing meticulously designed to be functional, comfortable, and sustainable.

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, Frank And Oak stands out as a brand that not only adapts but also leads in sustainability, setting a standard for others to follow. To explore the brand’s commitment to sustainability and its latest collection, visit the Frank And Oak website.

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