Blume: Brewing Success and Wellness in a Cup

Blume: Brewing Success and Wellness in a Cup

TORONTO, Ontario— Blume, the Vancouver-based superfood latte brand, has recently announced the successful conclusion of its oversubscribed initial funding round, raising an impressive $2 million CAD in just five weeks. This remarkable achievement attracted renowned investors, including Judy Brooks (SmartSweets & Blo Blow Dry Bar), Ethan Song (Frank & Oak), Jerin Mece (Nude Vodka), Mike Fata (Manitoba Harvest), and Th51. The influx of fresh capital will empower Blume to further expand its presence in the American market, scale up its team, and organize in-person community development events.

Founded by Karen Danudjaja in 2017, Blume has established itself as North America’s premier superfood brand, offering locally crafted products made with 100% natural and organic ingredients like turmeric, reishi, and more. With retail locations in over 1,500 stores nationwide, including renowned names like Whole Foods,, Anthropologie, and Indigo, Blume is dedicated to empowering health-conscious consumers to lead wholesome lives without compromise.

“We initially set out to raise $1.25 million, and we are thrilled to have surpassed our goal within a five-week period, especially in such a challenging economic climate for capital raising,” said Karen Danudjaja, Co-Founder of Blume. “With less than three percent of funding going to female-led businesses, we are proud to have secured capital from a group of investors that is nearly 50 percent women and includes notable CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) leaders.”

Over the past year, Blume has experienced substantial growth, scaling its team to twelve employees and achieving a remarkable 300 percent increase in sales. Moreover, Blume’s products have found their way onto the shelves of all Whole Foods locations across Canada, solidifying its presence in the health and wellness market.

“I am extremely proud of our bootstrapped journey. I believe it forced us to be resourceful, move swiftly, and get the fundamentals right. Now, we are excited to strategically leverage this new capital to further Blume’s momentum in the market and build a company that is value-driven and focused on the needs and desires of our community,” added Danudjaja.

Blume’s dedication to promoting wellness through its innovative superfood lattes has not only struck a chord with its growing customer base but has also attracted a diverse group of investors who share the brand’s vision for a healthier and happier world. Blume products are available for purchase online at

About Blume

Blume is the delightful fusion of the wellness aisle and the warmth of your favorite cafe. We are reimagining your beloved cafe lattes with the magic of superfoods. Our mission is to create a healthier world, one cup at a time.

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