Stacey Solomon ‘Summer of Romance’ Collection: Celebrating Style and Inclusivity

Stacey Solomon ‘Summer of Romance’ Collection: Celebrating Style and Inclusivity

Summer is here, and with it comes a season filled with joyous occasions, from weddings and garden parties to christenings and more. It’s a time when dressing up takes center stage, and Stacey Solomon’s latest collection with In The Style has arrived just in time to cater to your summer fashion needs. Aptly named the ‘Summer of Romance,’ this collection comprises a range of stunning party dresses that are so versatile you won’t want to reserve them solely for special occasions.

True to its name, the ‘Summer of Romance’ collection is a dreamy ensemble of celebration dresses, featuring an array of deep reds and soft pinks, flowy hemlines, ruffles, pleats, and other elegant and feminine details. What’s more, the collection is designed to be inclusive, with sizes ranging from 6 to 28, and each dress available in both petite and tall versions, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. The brand also showcases the dresses on different body shapes on their website, making it easier for you to find the perfect fit.

Stacey Solomon shared a playful video on social media, demonstrating how she would style the collection for various occasions. What’s striking is the versatility of these dresses; many of them can be dressed down with sneakers for a more casual look, proving that they’re not just reserved for formal events.

Among the standout pieces from the collection are the ‘Floral Frill Dipped Hem Wrap Dress,’ the ‘Balloon Sleeve High Neck Mini Dress,’ the ‘Angel Sleeve Frill Wrap Maxi Dress,’ the ‘Floral Pleated Midi Shirt Dress,’ the ‘Floral Layered Skirt Puff Sleeve Shirt Mini Dress,’ the ‘Dobby Frill Plunge Midi Dress,’ the ‘Angel Sleeve Wrap Maxi Dress,’ and the ‘Frill Cold Shoulder Pleated Midi Dress.’ Each piece embodies the essence of the ‘Summer of Romance’ with its unique style and flair.

As you scroll through Stacey’s modeling of the collection, you’ll notice the variety in style and length, catering to different preferences while maintaining the collection’s overall theme and vibe.

In an Instagram post unveiling the new collection, In The Style shared the brand’s excitement, saying, “We’re so excited that Stacey’s new collection is finally live for you to shop and get all the occasion looks you need this summer! Stacey’s new range is designed to suit all shapes & sizes and features playful prints and dreamy silhouettes designed to make you feel your most confident! All while using 100% recycled materials ♻️ The range is available in size 6-28 with petite & tall options too! ❤️”

Stacey Solomon’s ‘Summer of Romance’ collection not only celebrates style and fashion but also embodies inclusivity and sustainability by utilizing recycled materials. It’s a collection that empowers individuals of all shapes and sizes to embrace their confidence and look fabulous while doing so. So, whether you have a special event on the horizon or simply want to elevate your everyday style, this collection has you covered.

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