Alejandro Gaeta: Denver’s Rising Fashion Maestro Unveils a Vibrant New Collection

Alejandro Gaeta: Denver’s Rising Fashion Maestro Unveils a Vibrant New Collection

As the pandemic gradually recedes and more events fill our calendars, the urge to dress up and make a statement is back in full swing. If you’re in search of something extra special for a special occasion, look no further than local designer Alejandro Gaeta. Known for his elegant gowns and captivating silhouettes, Gaeta has established a notable presence in the Denver fashion scene. However, his journey into the world of high fashion was not without its challenges. Debuting with a ten-piece, Paris-inspired collection just before the pandemic hit in January 2020, Gaeta faced an unexpected roadblock. The world shut down, and with it, his hopes of making a splash in the fashion industry were temporarily dashed.

A Resilient Comeback:

Like so many others, Gaeta had to wait patiently for the fashion world to spring back to life. He re-emerged a year later to showcase his collection once again, and now, he’s gearing up for his third collection, which is set to debut at the Color of Fashion show on Friday, September 23.

A Seamstress’s Influence:

Born in Mexico and raised in El Paso, Alejandro Gaeta’s journey into fashion was deeply rooted in his family. His grandmother, a skilled seamstress, became his earliest mentor. She introduced him to the art of sewing, and Gaeta fondly recalls spending hours by her side, assisting her with fabrics, needles, and scissors. “I took an interest, and it became part of my life,” he reflects. His journey began with crafting Halloween costumes and school play costumes. However, a pivotal moment came when he was asked to create an evening gown for his cousin’s daughter’s pageant. “That was when I really started,” he says. “Something clicked at that moment.”

From Texas to Denver:

In 2017, Gaeta made a seemingly random choice to move to Denver, a city where he knew no one. His primary motivation was to escape the scorching Texas heat, but little did he know that he was on the cusp of a thriving fashion scene. Gaeta decided to test the waters by attending a model casting for Denver Fashion Week in 2019, though he didn’t advance beyond the first round. Nevertheless, it was a valuable experience where he had the chance to network with fellow fashion enthusiasts. Just a year later, he found himself casting models for his own show.

From Gowns to Ready-to-Wear:

Even though evening gowns became Gaeta’s signature for his first collections, his upcoming collection for the Color of Fashion show is poised to take audiences by surprise with a fresh and innovative direction. This new collection, which is unlike anything he’s done before, was inspired by a visit to Los Angeles where he encountered fabrics with colors, patterns, and textures that captured his imagination. He returned to Denver with a new vision, sketching out an entirely new collection that marks a departure from elegant formal wear to ready-to-wear fashion with a twist. Gaeta explains, “I wanted to do something fun, something a woman would wear for a girls’ night out at the hottest club or to an event like the MTV Awards. It’s very fresh and edgy.”

A Creative Partnership:

Gaeta credits his newfound success to his friendship with Samantha Joseph, one of the founders of the Color of Fashion event. They first crossed paths while working together at a restaurant. Gaeta was captivated by her modeling career and shared his aspirations of becoming a designer. Joseph encouraged him to put together a collection and introduced him to a wider audience. This partnership ultimately led to Gaeta’s rapid rise in Denver’s fashion scene.

Alejandro Gaeta’s journey from El Paso to Denver, from crafting costumes to creating stunning evening gowns, reflects the transformative power of passion and talent. His ability to reinvent himself and adapt to changing circumstances is a testament to his resilience. Now, with an innovative ready-to-wear collection on the horizon, Gaeta continues to push the boundaries of his creativity, and his grandmother, who ignited his passion for sewing, has lived to see his remarkable success in Denver. In Gaeta’s own words, “It’s a very special thing because I feel she is super proud of me. I think that’s been my only goal — to make her happy and thank her for showing me this talent because now it’s my life.” As he prepares to unveil his latest collection, audiences eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Alejandro Gaeta’s fashion journey, one that promises to surprise and delight.

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