Microsoft Expands into Fashion with ‘Hardwear’ Collection

Microsoft Expands into Fashion with ‘Hardwear’ Collection

When you think of Microsoft, cutting-edge technology likely comes to mind. However, the tech giant is breaking the mold by venturing into the world of fashion with its latest collection, “Hardwear.” In collaboration with renowned streetwear designer Gavin Mathieu, Microsoft has unveiled a nine-piece apparel collection that offers a distinctive “retro” aesthetic.

Breaking Tech Norms with Fashion

It’s a rare occurrence to witness a tech-focused company release a clothing collection, but Microsoft is redefining its brand identity with this unexpected move. The fashion industry continually evolves as models and fashion enthusiasts embrace various styles and trends.

Microsoft’s latest clothing partnership with Supervsn founder Gavin Mathieu has resulted in a collection that caters to the needs of trendsetters who appreciate the “normcore” style.

According to Slashgear, the current lineup of accessories and clothing may appear “fairly average” in terms of visual appeal. While some may find it understated, this debut capsule collection empowers wearers to embrace these garments at a unique level.

“The collection is reflective of the Normcore style, a lifestyle aesthetic that puts the focus on people and not on the clothes they wear. Each piece is intentional, and there is meaning behind every item in Hardwear,” explained Amanda O’Neal, Microsoft’s multicultural and social communications director.

The “Hardwear” collection comprises two t-shirts that feature distinct references to the company. One showcases a classic Windows XP wallpaper, while the other sports a nostalgic Microsoft Paint icon print.

In addition to the t-shirts, the collection includes an overshirt, a jacket, sweatpants, cargo tech pants, and a “Hardwear” hat featuring the Microsoft 1990 logo style, as reported by The Verge.

Not Microsoft’s First Foray into Fashion

It’s apparent that Microsoft is targeting a specific demographic with the launch of the “Hardwear” brand. While this may be a novel move for some, it’s not the first time the software developer has ventured into the fashion industry.

In recent years, the tech company has marketed its Xbox t-shirts. In 2020, Microsoft successfully sold Windows-inspired sweaters. Furthermore, it released similar apparel inspired by “Minesweeper,” Windows XP, and Windows 95 designs.

At first glance, the normcore collection may appear plain, especially if you remove the Microsoft designs and symbols. While some may find it unimpressive for formal wear, others find its simplicity appealing.

In other news, Nokia recently resurrected three classic phones with a modern twist in their designs and features. These newly launched handsets, along with a new tablet, are now available for sale in stores, according to Tech Times.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s venture into fashion with the “Hardwear” collection signifies its willingness to diversify and explore new avenues. While the tech giant is best known for its software and hardware innovations, this foray into clothing demonstrates the brand’s adaptability and willingness to engage with different markets and consumer preferences.

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