Canadian Designer Delayne Dixon Returns to NYFW with Sustainable and Edgy Collection

Canadian Designer Delayne Dixon Returns to NYFW with Sustainable and Edgy Collection

Canadian designer Delayne Dixon is gearing up to make a bold statement on the runway with her edgy and sustainable collection as she returns to New York Fashion Week for the first time since the pandemic began.

Dixon, hailing from Kamloops, British Columbia, is bringing eight local models to New York for the September 9-14 event, one of the world’s top fashion weeks.

Over the past decade, the 30-year-old designer has been creating garments for online clients worldwide and has showcased her work at fashion shows in cities like Amsterdam, New York, and Paris.

One of her career highlights includes having Emmy-nominated Hollywood TV host Rasha Goel wearing one of her dresses on the Oscars red carpet in March. “There was a picture online that … she’s interviewing, and then Kevin Costner and his [wife] were right behind her,” Dixon shared. “I’m a big fan of [his TV drama series] Yellowstone.”

Originally from Alberta, Dixon started her university studies in marketing in Vancouver but later switched to fashion design because of her passion for the field since high school. “I didn’t really know how to sew as a kid,” she said. “But I’ve always been fascinated by fashion, especially toward the end of my high school years—I was really into styling and everything.”

Dixon is known for her love of creating “edgy women’s wear.” “I definitely like spicier stuff,” she mentioned. “I use a lot of black and red and faux leather [and] faux fur—it’s definitely cutting-edge stuff.”

She also prides herself on inclusivity in her designs, crafting each piece up to size 6XL and using sustainable materials whenever possible.

Kamloops model Emily Phillips, who will be appearing at New York Fashion Week, reached out to Dixon two years ago to collaborate because she admired her “super amazing” sustainable designs. “We live in a world of … fashion being thrown away all the time with ‘fast-fashion’ companies,” Phillips noted. “[Dixon] uses as much sustainable product as she can, and she sources it from people who are supporting good labor laws.”

This will be Phillips’ first appearance at New York Fashion Week, and she’s been diligently practicing for the Big Apple catwalk.

Dixon is thrilled about what she describes as an enjoyable “monster event.” “I really enjoy the atmosphere with all the people,” she said. “The backstage is so exciting. It’s hectic … I’ve been working on this collection for about six months, and it all comes down to this one 15-minute runway show.”

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