Byron Bay Swim: Empowering Women with Stylish and Supportive Swimwear

Byron Bay Swim: Empowering Women with Stylish and Supportive Swimwear

In a world where women of all ages seek the perfect swimwear that combines style, support, and affordability, Amélie Marcoux has answered the call with her swimwear brand, Byron Bay. Byron Bay Swim is more than just a label; it’s a testament to the belief that every woman deserves to bask in the sun feeling confident and comfortable. Marcoux’s personal experience of struggling to find the ideal bathing suit led her on a journey to provide Canadian women with accessible and affordable swimwear options for their vacations and poolside moments.

Byron Bay Swim offers a range of supportive and stylish swim and resort wear options in sizes 4 to 14. Designed to cater to a diverse clientele, Marcoux’s swimwear collection aims to please daughters, mothers, and grandmothers alike.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Amélie Marcoux to learn more about the brand and the philosophy behind it.

Q: What is Byron Bay Swim?

A: Byron Bay is a swimwear and resort wear brand that simplifies the lives of modern women. We act on the values we believe in by offering an honest collection that celebrates the female body through control, support, style, femininity, and elegance. We take inspiration from the details and features found in more “mature” brands and adapt them into contemporary silhouettes.

Q: When and why did you start the line?

A: Byron Bay is a newly created label that was launched in April of this year. As a woman in my mid-40s, finding swimwear that offers support, control, elegance, femininity, and affordability has been a significant challenge. Over the years, I’ve compromised, never fully satisfied with my choices. I wanted to create an honest and genuine label that could make a difference in a woman’s life. Byron Bay swim pieces embrace the modern woman and work to complement her figure and confidence.

Q: What makes it unique?

A: Our swimwear stands out due to its engineering and construction details. We use shape enhancement fabric, offer multi-functional straps for the “no-tan-line option,” incorporate deeper cups to accommodate both larger and smaller busts, provide adjustable back closures, and feature higher-cut leg details to make our pieces modern and chic. It’s challenging to find swim brands that offer such attention to detail. Additionally, we are a sustainable swimwear brand, utilizing recycled materials in our swim fabric and packaging.

Q: Who is the target customer?

A: Byron Bay caters to today’s modern woman—someone seeking the perfect fit, comfort, control, quality, style, and elegance. We are an ageless lifestyle brand where you can find pieces that will please daughters, mothers, and grandmothers.

Q: What can you share about where the pieces are designed and made?

A: All our pieces are designed and developed in Montreal by a team of detail-oriented women. Each piece is fitted and perfected on live models before production. While our designs originate in Canada, we are currently producing in Asia to remain competitive with pricing while preserving the quality and features our pieces offer.

Q: What is the price range for your swimsuits?

A: Our swimwear styles range from $50 to $95 for separates and $120 for one-pieces. Our resort wear pieces are priced below $120.

Q: And, finally, where can people check them out?

A: The entire Byron Bay Swim collection is available at You can also find most pieces in stores at Simons across Canada.

Byron Bay Swim is not just about swimwear; it’s about empowerment, body positivity, and celebrating the diverse beauty of women. With its commitment to sustainability and a focus on creating swimwear that caters to every generation, Byron Bay Swim is making waves in the world of fashion. So, whether you’re planning a sunny getaway or simply hitting the pool, Byron Bay Swim has you covered in style and comfort.

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