Top Fall Shoe Trends of 2022: From Cowboy Boots to Classic Sneakers

Top Fall Shoe Trends of 2022: From Cowboy Boots to Classic Sneakers

Top Fall Shoe Trends of 2022: From Cowboy Boots to Classic Sneakers. Few seasons are as exciting to decorate for as fall. From cozy sweaters to stylish hats, fall fashion trends consistently offer some of the most approachable yet stylish looks season after season. At the top of our list is, of course, fall footwear. Is it even fall if you haven’t slipped on your favorite booties yet?

This season’s fall shoe trends are witnessing a resurgence of styles we’ve seen in decades past, aligning with the “what’s old is new again” theme that has dominated the fashion world in recent months. To get the inside scoop on all that this season has to offer, we turned to several experts: Mary Alice Malone, Creative Director of DuoBoots, Gionata Pagni, Creative Visionary for Franco Sarto, and Vivien Hackenhaar, Design Director for Zodiac.

Western-Inspired Boots

Yes, you read that right, lovers of country-style fashion: cowboy boots are back and better than ever. “Western is the must-have trend for the season,” says Pagni. While many styles fully embrace the cowboy couture inspiration, there are plenty of options that are less decked out. With minimal stitching, these boots mimic the shape of the classic cowboy boot without necessarily embodying the entire look, making them a more versatile transition piece. “Western boots are essentials for exploring fall,” Hackenhaar emphasizes.

Featured Western Boots:

  • Lance Western Boot by Franco Sarto
  • Zodiac Robyn Bootie (Now 31% Off)
  • Ticada Knee-High Boot by Franco Sarto
  • ZODIAC Roslyn Bootie (Now 15% Off)
  • Saffron Boot by Duo Boots

Riding Boots

Boots for fall? Groundbreaking. We know we know—boots top every list of fall fashion trends, but this year, we’re witnessing a resurgence of some classic styles that took a back seat in recent years, one of which is riding boots. “This season, we’re seeing classic riding styles making a resurgence alongside Western styles,” says Malone. “Clean lines and sturdy constructions oppose traditional pointed toes and rustic stitching.” Interestingly, both Western-inspired and riding boots have roots in the world of horseback riding, so, what can we say? Maybe this fall is horse lady season.

Featured Riding Boots:

  • Charlotte Boot by DuoBoots
  • Franco Sarto Rivet Tall Boot
  • Sam Edelman Penny Classic Equestrian Boot (Now 71% Off)
  • Tommy Hilfiger Shyenne Equestrian Boot


They say history repeats itself, and so does fashion. The iconic style of the ’70s and ’90s is back and better than ever. We’ve eased into clogs over the past few seasons (hello, beloved Crocs), but fashion is taking a full plunge into the trend this season with shoes that you might have found in your closet 20 years ago. Of course, if you’re Joanna Gaines, these bad boys never really went out of style.

Featured Clogs:

  • Steve Madden Brooklyn Clog
  • Birkenstock Boston Clog
  • Zodiac Chessa Clog (Now 21% Off)
  • Matisse Sebiki Mule (Now 27% Off)


If you’re looking for a fall shoe that’s perfect for almost any everyday occasion, look no further than sneakers. We’re not talking about the running shoes you wear to the gym. Sneakers have received some significant (and stylish) upgrades in recent years, and you can now find us wearing them anywhere from the ballpark to the office. Of course, it wouldn’t be a sneaker if comfort wasn’t part of the deal, which is the main reason we love this style.

Featured Sneakers:

  • Madewell Kickoff Trainer
  • Naturalizer Morrison Sneaker

In conclusion, fall 2022 brings an exciting array of footwear options that cater to various tastes and styles. From the return of Western-inspired boots to the enduring appeal of riding boots and the revival of classic clogs, there’s a pair for everyone. And for those seeking comfort and versatility, sneakers continue to reign supreme. So, as the leaves change and the temperatures drop, step out in style with the season’s hottest shoe trends. Fall is here, and your shoe game should be on point!

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