The Royal Beauty Legacy: Queen Elizabeth II Relationship with Iconic Brands

The Royal Beauty Legacy: Queen Elizabeth II Relationship with Iconic Brands

Queen Elizabeth II, whose reign spanned an impressive seven decades, left an indelible mark not only as a monarch but also as a British style icon. Her signature fashion, characterized by vibrant monochrome skirt sets, strings of elegant pearls, and a remarkable collection of striking hats, has made her an enduring symbol of elegance and grace. While her iconic fashion moments have been extensively documented in portraits and photographs, there has always been an air of mystery surrounding the Queen’s beauty routine and her choice of beauty products.

The Queen’s Beauty Secrets:

Although Queen Elizabeth II kept her beauty routine relatively private, a few details have emerged over the years. For instance, it’s known that Her Majesty often painted her nails with Essie’s Ballet Slippers, a barely-there polish. In fact, her personal hairdresser requested this shade from the brand’s founder back in 1989. The Queen was also frequently seen wearing bold yet classic lipstick shades, with the timeless red lipstick she wore during her coronation reportedly being a bespoke shade created by the renowned French cosmetics brand, Clarins.

The Royal Warrant of Appointment:

One of the most significant insights into the Queen’s beauty routine comes from the brands she granted a ‘Royal Warrant of Appointment.’ A Royal Warrant of Appointment is bestowed upon individuals or companies that regularly provide goods or services to the Royal Family, ranging from perfumers to candlemakers and personal hairdressers. This prestigious warrant grants the holder the privilege to display the Royal Arms on their product and packaging, typically for a period of up to five years.

The Future of Royal Warrants:

Queen Elizabeth II granted a total of 686 Royal Warrants during her reign. However, following her passing, these warrants face a unique fate. Royal Warrants are typically reviewed the year before they are set to expire. However, in the event of the reigning Sovereign’s death, all warrants awarded by that grantor become void. Companies that held these warrants must cease using the Royal Arms within two years, unless the warrant was granted by the succeeding monarch.

Two Brands Likely to Retain Their Royal Warrants:

Among the brands that held Royal Warrants awarded by Queen Elizabeth II, there are only two that we can reasonably assume will retain their warrants following her passing: Penhaligon’s and Floris. These two brands were fortunate enough to have their warrants awarded by King Charles III, the successor to Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy extends beyond her reign as a monarch and her iconic fashion sense—it encompasses her role as a beauty icon as well. While her beauty routine remained largely private, her choice of brands and the Royal Warrants she granted shed light on her preferences. As the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II endures, it’s likely that the brands with Royal Warrants will continue to be associated with her timeless elegance and grace.

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