‘Mum-fluencer’ shares ‘lazy’ laundry hack for wrinkled clothes as internet left divided

‘Mum-fluencer’ shares ‘lazy’ laundry hack for wrinkled clothes as internet left divided

A self-proclaimed ‘mum-fluencer’ has divided the internet with her ‘lazy’ laundry hack. Mum-of-three Mai Zimmy

A self-proclaimed ‘mum-fluencer’ has divided the internet with her ‘lazy’ laundry hack.

Mum-of-three Mai Zimmy attracts thousands of people to her popular YouTube and TikTok channels, where she shares tips on some of the most tricky parenting situations.

Her “lazy mom hack” series had gone viral on TikTok, for her unique hacks and tricks that she uses for everyday tasks, the Mirror reports.

But one of her pointers for laundry has certainly ruffled a few feathers – particularly for those who cannot stand the sight of wrinkled clothes.

In the clip, she explains the amount of laundry she has to deal with from her twin three-year-olds and her one-year-old.

She explained that actually doing the laundry is not a big deal for her, but rather the folding and packing away which becomes an annoyance with so many petite items to handle.

Instead, she says just tossing the items into their usual spots does the job whilst avoiding the energy drain and giving her free time to spend with her children.

Mai, who uploads on TikTok as @maizimmy , said: “Laundry takes so much time and when you also have to do little children’s laundry it feels like it takes up your entire week. Truthfully, doing laundry isn’t that bad, it’s the folding and putting clothes away that I really don’t like.

The mum-of-three said it is allowed her to spend more time with her kids

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“So my lazy mom hack is I just don’t fold my kids clothes anymore because truthfully, my three year old could care less if I do not fold his clothes.

“I still put everything away, for example all of the T-shirts go in here, this one has been sitting here in the draw in the no-fold method and their clothes don’t even get wrinkly so who really cares that it’s not folded but put away in the proper drawer so they can find their clothes in the morning. All their jammies go down here, who cares if jammies are wrinkly.

“It saves so much time and you can spend that time with your kids.”

Mai highlighted that one important part of this is putting the clothes where they should be in the cupboard.

This ensures that the children can access the right clothes when they need them.

Undoubtedly this hack frees up some spare time, but it split the comment section with some criticising Mai’s parenting..

One commenter doubted the efficiency of Mai’s hack saying: “It definitely gets wrinkled and wrinkled clothes are so tacky.”

Another critiqued her parenting: “It’s not so much about whether it’s wrinkled or not it’s the responsibility. You don’t want them to be useless. They’ll grow up to be lazy.”

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However, a surprising amount of TikTok users spoke up not just to support Mai’s hack but also noting that they’ve been doing it for years.

One parent said: “I stopped folding clothes three kids ago. I got five of those heathens now and I don’t even fold my own clothes.”

Another praised Mai saying: “That mom hack just changed a dad’s life.”

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