MEC’s Classics Collection: Nostalgic Vibes Meets Sustainable Style

MEC’s Classics Collection: Nostalgic Vibes Meets Sustainable Style

Outdoor enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals alike have reason to rejoice as Canada’s beloved outdoor retailer, MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op), recently launched its Classics Collection—a nostalgic throwback to iconic styles from the ’70s through the ’90s. The collection draws inspiration from MEC’s archival catalogues, breathing new life into timeless designs that continue to capture the essence of adventure and exploration.

In an era where fashion trends often circle back to their roots, MEC’s Classics Collection offers a fresh take on vintage outdoor wear. The reimagined collection showcases MEC’s most coveted styles, making it a must-have for those who appreciate the enduring appeal of classic outdoor fashion.

The Journey Back in Time

MEC Label designers embarked on a journey down memory lane, meticulously studying past catalogues and seeking inspiration from the brand’s heritage. Staff members were consulted to identify designs and materials that resonated with them personally, ensuring that the revival of these classic styles would be authentic and nostalgic.

J.P. Roy, Senior Director at MEC Label, explained the approach behind the Classics Collection, stating, “When we shortlisted these timeless designs, we looked for the details that made them legendary and found ways to use more sustainable materials.” This commitment to sustainability aligns with MEC’s mission to be the leading retailer for social and environmental responsibility in Canada.

Sustainability Meets Style

The Classics Collection not only pays homage to MEC’s heritage but also embraces sustainability. The brand has incorporated a mix of Bluesign® approved materials, recycled fabrics, organically grown cotton, and Fair Trade Certified products in the manufacturing process. This dedication to environmentally responsible practices ensures that the collection not only looks good but also feels good to wear.

A Night Out with the Classics

To experience the reimagined Classics Collection firsthand, I took a stroll through the city streets on a warm summer night. Here are my impressions of some standout pieces from the collection:

MEC Rad Pants: These pants, known as “the ultimate action pant,” were originally introduced in 1989. The roomy fit and built-in belt made them comfortable and practical. Whether climbing rocks or navigating the urban landscape, these pants offered maximum mobility.

MEC Berber Fleece Full Zip: Despite the warm weather, I couldn’t resist trying on this cozy fleece jacket. It fit perfectly, with hidden underarm zippers providing ventilation to stay comfortable even in the heat. This jacket will undoubtedly become a fall favorite.

MEC Rad Shorts: Designed for adventurers, these loose-fitting shorts are equipped with ample pocket space and are built for radical motion. They are perfect for those who seek both style and functionality in their outdoor apparel.

MEC Rad 6 Panel Hat: Completing the ensemble, this hat is made from the same durable fabric as the shorts and pants. It’s a stylish and practical accessory designed to keep you cool and dry during your outdoor pursuits. With an inner “Hello, old friend” label, it’s a must-have collector’s item.

The MEC Classics Collection is now available in MEC stores nationwide and online at, with prices ranging from $12.95 to $109.95. Don’t miss the chance to relive the golden era of outdoor fashion while embracing sustainable style with MEC’s iconic Classics Collection. Grab your favorite pieces before they’re gone, and embark on your own outdoor adventures in style.

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