Lara Worthington Launches Her Own Fashion Line with Gratitude for Support

Lara Worthington Launches Her Own Fashion Line with Gratitude for Support

Lara Worthington, formerly known as Lara Bingle, has recently announced the launch of her own fashion line in collaboration with Melbourne label Atoir. The model and entrepreneur took to Instagram to share the exciting news and provide a glimpse of the collection through a series of stunning photos in which she models her creations.

In her Instagram post, Lara expressed her gratitude to the Atoir team for giving her the opportunity to create and collaborate on this fashion venture. She explained that her inspiration for the collection came from her own wardrobe and her desire to express herself through clothing. Lara’s personal touch is evident in every piece, as she made sure that each item in the collection is something she would personally wear and own.

The collection, which Lara describes as an expression of herself, is a testament to her sense of style and fashion acumen. Despite her busy schedule and various commitments, Lara managed to find the time to bring her fashion dreams to life, especially during the pandemic, when her own wardrobe served as a wellspring of inspiration.

Acknowledging the support of her friends and husband, Sam Worthington, Lara expressed her gratitude for their patience, advice, and encouragement throughout the creative process. She even gave a special shout-out to her husband, noting his limited interest in fashion but his uncanny ability to provide the best advice.

In the accompanying photoshoot featured on the Atoir website, Lara effortlessly showcases various outfits from the collection, including a pastel green blazer, a stylish swimsuit, and a vibrant green tube dress. She also revealed that she was wearing the pinstripe 002 suit and trousers along with the 003 T-shirt in the images.

Lara Worthington’s foray into fashion is a testament to her passion for self-expression through clothing and her dedication to creating a collection that resonates with her personal style. Her collaboration with Atoir marks a new chapter in her career, and her fashion line is bound to attract fashion-forward individuals looking for pieces that blend style, comfort, and personality.

As Lara Worthington continues to evolve and diversify her career, her fashion line is sure to make waves in the industry, and her personal touch will undoubtedly shine through in every piece of clothing she creates. We look forward to seeing more of her fashion journey and the impact of her stylish creations on the fashion world.

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