Labeled’s Game-Changing Powershift Hub: Revolutionizing Cycling Gearing

Labeled’s Game-Changing Powershift Hub: Revolutionizing Cycling Gearing

Eurobike 2022 has kicked off with a bang, and the cycling world is abuzz with excitement over the groundbreaking innovation announced by Labeled. The company is on a mission to eliminate the front derailleur while preserving the gearing advantages that come with a two-chainring setup, and they’ve just taken a giant leap forward in achieving this goal.

Until now, Labeled’s two-speed Powershift hub was exclusively available on complete bicycles or as part of a full carbon wheelset offered by the company itself. However, in a major development, Labeled has unveiled partnerships with some of the most renowned names in the cycling industry, including Enve, DT Swiss, Mavic, Reynolds, Spinergy, Boyd Cycling, and Fast Forward. These partnerships will see these prominent wheel brands incorporating Labeled’s innovative hub into a wide range of popular wheelset options, spanning both road and gravel cycling disciplines.

At the heart of this groundbreaking development is Labeled’s rear hub shell, which houses the modular two-speed gearbox. This gearbox has been meticulously designed to facilitate effortless wheel swaps, allowing cyclists to seamlessly transition between different wheelsets. Importantly, the front wheels will remain unchanged and in line with what each respective wheel company typically provides.

One of the standout features of the Labeled Powershift system is its adaptability. Cyclists can now own a Labeled-equipped bicycle with two distinct wheelsets, each tailored to specific riding conditions or preferences. Whether it’s conquering challenging off-road gravel terrain or achieving maximum speed on smooth road surfaces, the Powershift system empowers riders with unprecedented versatility.

While specific details regarding weights, availability, and pricing are yet to be confirmed, this partnership marks a significant stride for Labeled in making its innovative product more accessible and visible on the global stage. The involvement of these esteemed wheel manufacturers speaks volumes about the high level of consumer interest and demand for this groundbreaking technology.

In addition to the complete wheelset options, Labeled has exciting news for cycling enthusiasts. They will offer the Powershift hub as a standalone product that can be integrated into a wheel of your choice. Furthermore, Labeled’s own range of carbon wheels for road and gravel riding will continue to be available for purchase, catering to riders seeking a comprehensive solution from a single source.

Labeled’s hub system offers the effective gearing of a two-chainring setup but ingeniously conceals it within the rear hub. This design maintains the clean aesthetics of a single-ring crankset while delivering versatile performance. A wireless shifter mounted on the handlebar controls the two-step rear hub, and Labeled manufactures its own 11- and 12-speed cassettes, designed for seamless compatibility with your preferred rear derailleur and shifter/brake system.

While comprehensive testing is still underway, early impressions of the Labeled Powershift system are highly favorable. As cyclists eagerly anticipate the official release, it’s clear that Labeled is on the cusp of revolutionizing the cycling world with a game-changing approach to gearing. For more information and updates on this groundbreaking innovation, visit

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