IHG’s 16 Brands: A Look at the World of Hospitality

IHG’s 16 Brands: A Look at the World of Hospitality

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has long been a leader in the hospitality industry, with a diverse portfolio of brands catering to a wide range of traveler preferences, from budget-conscious road warriors to luxury-seeking vacationers. With nearly 6,000 properties in over 100 countries and annual revenues exceeding $2.9 billion, IHG’s 16 brands aim to serve guests and property owners with a variety of needs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each of IHG’s brands and provide some insights into their unique characteristics.

Lifestyle & Luxury Brands:

  1. Six Senses:
    • 21 open hotels
    • 1,412 open rooms
    • 33 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Focus on wellness, sustainability, and creating an environment where guests can reconnect with the local surroundings.
    • Skift Take: Six Senses has successfully integrated luxury with sustainability, making it a top choice for eco-conscious travelers. Its commitment to zero waste and green practices positions it well for the growing demand for eco-friendly travel experiences.
  2. Regent:
    • 7 open hotels
    • 2,190 open rooms
    • 8 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Aiming to redefine luxury hospitality through innovation and design, with a focus on modern luxury travelers.
    • Skift Take: Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Regent remains committed to offering high-luxury experiences. Its upscale rooms, wellness facilities, and dining options continue to attract discerning travelers.
  3. InterContinental:
    • 207 open hotels
    • 69,917 open rooms
    • 79 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: As the world’s first global luxury travel hotel brand, InterContinental offers a unique style and atmosphere in each of its hotels.
    • Skift Take: InterContinental faces challenges in the post-pandemic world, but its long-standing reputation and widespread presence help it maintain its position among luxury hotel brands.
  4. Vignette:
    • 2 open hotels
    • 539 open rooms
    • 6 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Vignette Collection offers guests a selection of unique, experiential, and thoughtful one-of-a-kind hotels.
    • Skift Take: Vignette Collection allows IHG to compete in the luxury and lifestyle hotel market, a growing segment in the industry. Its personalized and high-end approach elevates guest experiences.
  5. Kimpton:
    • 75 open hotels
    • 13,297 open rooms
    • 38 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Kimpton is known for providing travelers with thoughtful perks, creative design, and a personalized style of guest service.
    • Skift Take: Kimpton’s boutique, urban hotels with unique decor and personalized experiences are designed to attract younger, adventure-seeking travelers. IHG should continue to support this gem of a brand to fulfill its potential fully.
  6. Hotel Indigo:
    • 133 open hotels
    • 16,717 open rooms
    • 119 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Hotel Indigo emphasizes cultural immersion and style, with each property reflecting the local area’s story.
    • Skift Take: Hotel Indigo combines boutique-style accommodations with cultural authenticity. Its focus on local art, cuisine, and experiences offers a refreshing alternative to traditional hotel stays.

Premium Collection Brands:

  1. Voco:
    • 35 open hotels
    • 8,523 open rooms
    • 36 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Voco offers reliable and fun hotel experiences, with a focus on providing guests with a distinct character.
    • Skift Take: Voco’s soft-brand approach allows owners to infuse their properties with unique personalities while benefiting from IHG’s operational support. It has quickly grown and adapted to changing traveler preferences.
  2. Hualuxe:
    • 17 open hotels
    • 4,893 open rooms
    • 22 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Hualuxe integrates Chinese culture and heritage into its luxury offerings, with a focus on etiquette, rejuvenation in nature, and status recognition.
    • Skift Take: Hualuxe caters specifically to Chinese travelers, providing them with a culturally rich and luxurious experience. Although it currently has properties only in Greater China, expansion plans are in progress.
  3. Even Hotels:
    • 21 open hotels
    • 2,994 open rooms
    • 29 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Even Hotels offers top-notch fitness facilities, healthier food options, and natural, relaxing spaces for guests.
    • Skift Take: Even Hotels targets wellness-conscious travelers who seek balance during their stays. With quality fitness equipment and nutritious dining choices, it caters to the health-conscious segment.
  4. Crowne Plaza:
    • 406 open hotels
    • 111,491 open rooms
    • 107 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Crowne Plaza focuses on providing a seamless blend of business and leisure travel experiences.
    • Skift Take: As business travel rebounds, Crowne Plaza aims to attract modern business travelers who seek comfortable and productive spaces. Its attention to meeting facilities and workspace is a key feature.

Essentials Collection Brands:

  1. Holiday Inn Express:
    • 3,034 open hotels
    • 319,407 open rooms
    • 658 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Holiday Inn Express offers simple, engaging accommodations for travelers seeking a convenient and efficient stay.
    • Skift Take: With a strong presence in both corporate and leisure markets, Holiday Inn Express provides reliable, affordable lodging options. It continued to operate during the pandemic, demonstrating its resilience.
  2. Holiday Inn:
    • 1,192 open hotels
    • 215,841 open rooms
    • 251 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Holiday Inn strives to deliver warm and welcoming experiences for both business and leisure travelers.
    • Skift Take: Holiday Inn is one of IHG’s most recognized and trusted brands, attracting travelers seeking familiar comforts. To remain competitive, the brand embarked on a “model refresh” in 2021.

Suites Collection Brands:

  1. Atwell Suites:
    • 1 open hotel
    • 90 open rooms
    • 22 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Atwell Suites offers a new upper-midscale, all-suites hotel experience with a focus on providing options and inspiring journeys.
    • Skift Take: Atwell Suites caters to travelers looking for spacious, suite-style accommodations with a touch of mid-century modern design. It fills a gap in the upper-mid-scale suite market.
  2. Staybridge Suites:
    • 318 open hotels
    • 34,559 open rooms
    • 158 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Staybridge Suites provides spacious accommodations for extended stays and promotes a sense of community.
    • Skift Take: Staybridge Suites excels in accommodating guests on longer stays with its suite-style rooms and residential-like amenities. It appeals to those seeking a home-away-from-home experience.

Holiday Ownership Brand:

  1. Holiday Inn Club Vacations:
    • 28 open hotels
    • 8,822 open villas
    • 0 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Holiday Inn Club Vacations offers vacation ownership options that emphasize family and lasting memories.
    • Skift Take: This brand caters to families and groups with its timeshare ownership model, providing deluxe villas and experiences that encourage bonding.

Extended Stay Brand:

  1. Candlewood Suites:
    • 361 open hotels
    • 32,024 open rooms
    • 107 hotels in the pipeline
    • IHG Take: Candlewood Suites provides guests with the space and independence they need for extended stays.
    • Skift Take: Candlewood Suites offers reliable, no-frills accommodations for longer stays. Its focus on providing guests with personal space and normalcy makes it an ideal choice for extended travelers.

These 16 IHG brands encompass a wide spectrum of hotel experiences, catering to various traveler preferences and needs. From luxurious getaways to convenient and budget-friendly stays, IHG continues to evolve and adapt to meet the demands of a diverse global audience. As the travel industry rebounds from the challenges of recent times, IHG remains a significant player in shaping the future of hospitality.

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