Celebrating Culture and Motherhood: holiCHIC Unveils ‘Ma’ Collection at NYFW

Celebrating Culture and Motherhood: holiCHIC Unveils ‘Ma’ Collection at NYFW

New York Fashion Week witnessed a heartfelt tribute to culture and motherhood as holiCHIC, the Indo-Western fashion label, unveiled its latest collection titled ‘Ma’ (meaning mother in Hindi). Founder and Designer Megha Rao, along with Creative Director Pooja Desai Shah, showcased a breathtaking runway featuring pieces from their FW22 ‘Ma’ collection. The collection paid homage to the legacy and values passed down by South Asian mothers, capturing the essence of “mother’s closet” with a contemporary twist.

A Tribute to Late Mother:

The ‘Ma’ collection is a labor of love, taking ten months to create, and is inspired by Designer Megha Rao’s late mother, Jayshree Lathigara. It serves as a reflection of the profound influence of South Asian mothers on their daughters. The collection offers a fresh interpretation of classic Indian fashion while drawing inspiration from the cherished memories of Megha’s childhood and her deep bond with her mother.

Embracing Dual Identities:

holiCHIC, founded by Megha Rao, was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between Western and South Asian cultures. As a first-generation Indian American, Megha always felt a connection to both worlds. Her designs beautifully reflect the duality of her identity. She states, “I’ve always belonged to two worlds, and my mother played a significant role in helping me find balance between both. She taught me how to embrace the opportunities I had growing up in America while appreciating and respecting my South Asian roots.”

Honoring Immigrant Mothers:

The ‘Ma’ collection is a testament to the strength and resilience of immigrant mothers who never forget their roots. It features power business suits, dresses, and more, crafted from traditional saris. Each piece embodies the spirit of cultural heritage while embracing innovation and revitalization. Megha’s goal with this collection was to redefine and re-energize cultural heritage while paying homage to her mother.

The Pop-Up Store Experience:

holiCHIC, in partnership with Product of Culture, unveiled the ‘Ma’ collection at their ‘Mumbai, NY’ pop-up store located in New York City’s vibrant Meatpacking District. This immersive experience allowed fashion enthusiasts to explore the collection in person. For those unable to visit the pop-up store, the collection is also available for purchase on holiCHIC’s website.

About holiCHIC:

holiCHIC, founded by Megha Rao, celebrates the fusion of East and West, inspired by her experiences as a first-generation Indian American. Their designs are a tribute to South Asian culture, featuring intricate craftsmanship, hand-dyed fabrics, and artisanal embroideries. Beyond fashion, holiCHIC has created a community of women who embrace their unique identities. The brand’s mission is to keep South Asian culture alive through the art of fashion, offering sustainable clothing that stands the test of time.

The ‘Ma’ collection by holiCHIC is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a heartfelt tribute to mothers, culture, and the enduring bond between generations. Megha Rao’s creative vision and dedication to preserving South Asian heritage shine through in each meticulously crafted piece. As we celebrate this beautiful blend of tradition and innovation, we also honor the countless immigrant mothers who have enriched our lives with their love and resilience.

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