Getting Ready for Back-to-School with Kidney Garments: Decluttering for a Cause

Kidney Garments

As summer draws to a close, the familiar rhythm of back-to-school preparations begins anew. Amidst the flurry of activities to ensure your kids are ready for the upcoming school year, there’s a valuable task that deserves a prominent spot on your to-do list. Kidney Garments, an organization dedicated to making mornings smoother and supporting our community, proposes a simple yet impactful endeavor that not only streamlines the morning routine but also contributes to a greater cause — the act of clearing out those overstuffed closets!

This extended weekend, take some quality time with your children and embark on a closet and drawer exploration mission. It’s time to take inventory of their belongings. Set aside anything that’s no longer a good fit or has fallen out of favor. After all, the Marie Kondo philosophy of decluttering isn’t reserved just for adults; children and teenagers can benefit from a well-curated wardrobe as well!

Beyond the immediate benefits of tidying up, this process makes it easier for your kids to find what they’re looking for and assemble outfits effortlessly. Imagine a morning routine with fewer frantic searches for a favorite sweater or a missing shoe. Moreover, this closet review offers a chance to assess if there are any essential additions needed for the upcoming school year, potentially saving you from unnecessary expenditures.

Once the closets are sorted and the unwanted items are set aside, consider donating them to Kidney Garments. By arranging a convenient pickup through a simple call to 1-800-414-3484 or visiting the website at, you’re not only contributing to the cleanliness of your living space but also supporting individuals in your community who are grappling with kidney disease.

For those whose children are in their later years of schooling, Kidney Garments presents an excellent opportunity to fulfill their volunteer hour requirements for high school graduation. Through hosting a Kidney Garments Drive, older students can make a difference. The mechanics are straightforward: students rally their peers and acquaintances, spreading the word about their clothing drive initiative. They kindly request donations of unwanted clothing and textile-based items like outerwear, footwear, and bedding. These collected items are then picked up by Kidney Garments, which transforms them into funds that The Kidney Foundation of Canada deploys to assist fellow Canadians facing kidney-related challenges.

If you or someone you know is interested in earning volunteer hours, supporting your local community, and promoting environmental sustainability, reach out to Kidney Garments at [email protected] to explore the Clothing Drive opportunity and other volunteering avenues.

In a season often marked by new beginnings, Kidney Garments encourages us to also embrace the practice of shedding the old. As backpacks are filled with fresh notebooks and school supplies, let your closets undergo a transformation of their own. By heeding the call to declutter, you’re not only setting the stage for smoother mornings but also joining hands with a community-focused initiative that has the power to touch lives and create positive change.

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