Ganit Goldstein’s ‘GnoMon’: A Revolution in 3D-Printed Fashion

Ganit Goldstein’s ‘GnoMon’: A Revolution in 3D-Printed Fashion
The world of fashion has always been a realm of creativity, innovation, and constant reinvention. Israeli 3D designer Ganit Goldstein has taken this notion to new heights with her groundbreaking ‘GnoMon’ collection, unveiled during Milan Design Week 2022 as part of the Stratasys SSYS 2Y22 exhibition at Superstudio Piu in Tortona.

‘GnoMon’ is not just a collection of garments; it’s a testament to the fusion of technology and fashion. Goldstein’s innovative 3D-printed fashion collection pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the world of textile design. Comprising four striking 3D-printed outfits, ‘GnoMon’ showcases a revolutionary printing technique that allows for the creation of intricate designs in over 600,000 colors, along with multiple shore values that simulate various textures and finishing methods.

This groundbreaking collection reimagines the very concept of patterns and challenges the traditional notions of seasonality in fashion. Goldstein explains, “The collection rethinks what constitutes a pattern and what qualifies as timeless within the framework of fashion seasons. [It] represents a new form of textile design involving 3D body scan, digital pattern making, and parametric modeling.”

The process behind ‘GnoMon’ relies on cutting-edge technology. Each piece was meticulously crafted using a J850™ TechStyle™ 3D printer and its revolutionary 3DFashion™ technology. This mechanism utilizes an inkjet polymer that adheres to a variety of materials, enabling the creation of an infinite array of printed materials with different colors and levels of transparency. Goldstein worked alongside seven other renowned designers from around the world to showcase this groundbreaking technology, illustrating the collaborative spirit that underlies innovation in the fashion industry.

Rethinking Scale and Seasonality in Fashion

Goldstein’s vision for ‘GnoMon’ extends beyond aesthetics. It addresses one of the most pressing challenges in the fashion industry today—mass clothing production and its environmental impact. She notes, “Mass clothing production has become one of the world’s largest problems in recent years. We know that today’s consumers buy 60% more than in 2000 and keep it for half as long, resulting in 53 million tons of old clothing being burned or thrown in landfills every year.”

‘GnoMon’ presents an alternative perspective on the scale and timing of fashion, emphasizing the importance of customization and timeless pieces. Goldstein’s collection suggests that we can change the way we value clothing and that there are sustainable alternatives to the current fashion cycle. The name ‘GnoMon’ itself is inspired by an ancient astronomical instrument that measures the length of shadows to indicate the time within a day, symbolizing the collection’s unique approach to timelessness.

Goldstein’s previous works, including ‘WeAreAble,’ which featured 3D-printed clothing designed for a virtual reality setting, and ‘Rhythm of Matter,’ a large-scale embroidery project completed in collaboration with textile manufacturer SAURER, showcase her commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion and textile design.

In conclusion, Ganit Goldstein’s ‘GnoMon’ collection is not just a fashion statement; it’s a manifesto for change. It challenges the norms of fashion, introduces groundbreaking technology, and encourages us to rethink our approach to clothing production and consumption. Goldstein’s work serves as a beacon of inspiration for a more sustainable and creative future in the world of fashion.

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