Cierra Boyd: From Sneakers to Streetwear Star on HBO Max’s ‘The Hype’

Cierra Boyd: From Sneakers to Streetwear Star on HBO Max’s ‘The Hype’

Cleveland designer and artist Cierra Boyd has been making waves in the fashion industry with her innovative approach to streetwear. Her work, showcased under the brand name “Frisk Me Good,” is not just fashion; it’s a fusion of creativity and sustainability that has garnered national attention.

Boyd’s journey into the world of fashion started with a passion that led her to pursue a degree in retail merchandising and fashion product development at Ohio University. After graduating, she was determined to turn her dreams of becoming a designer into a reality, even if it meant working with the materials she had at home due to budget constraints.

Her breakthrough moment came during the Cleveland design competition, Trend Mania 2k19, in 2018. Boyd faced the challenge of creating a garment without traditional fabric, a puzzle she initially struggled to solve. However, a serendipitous moment while watching an episode of “Vice” changed everything. The episode featured a man who had crafted a mask out of sneakers, inspiring Boyd to experiment with sneaker-based clothing.

She recalls, “So, I tried to make a top, and it didn’t look right. I moved it down a bit, and I was like, ‘Oh, well, this is kind of cute as a corset.'” Boyd’s unique creation earned her second place in the competition.

Encouraged by her success, Boyd ventured into the world of social e-commerce by posting her creations on Depop. To her surprise, people bought her unconventional designs, boosting her confidence and fueling her passion. This positive response affirmed her creative direction, and she never looked back.

Today, Cierra Boyd creates wearable art using a variety of sneakers, including Nike, Converse, Vans, Puma, and even off-brand generic sneakers. Her work bridges the gap between fashion and sustainability, as she deconstructs sneakers and reconstructs them into entirely new, wearable forms.

Boyd’s innovative designs and artistic approach have earned her a spot on HBO Max’s “The Hype.” Now in its second season, the show features designers who aim to prove that their cutting-edge streetwear designs are deserving of the “hype.” Boyd joins a diverse group of designers from across the nation as they showcase their unique styles and stories.

On “The Hype,” contestants face timed challenges to create ready-to-wear pieces that strike a balance between art and commerce while staying true to their creative vision. A panel of judges, including Grammy-nominated rapper Offset, celebrity stylist Marni Senofonte, and innovative designer Bephie Birkett, provides constructive feedback to the designers.

The winner of “The Hype” not only receives a $150,000 cash prize but also has their designs featured on StockX, a platform for trading and consuming current culture.

Cierra Boyd’s journey from creating clothes with limited resources to becoming a recognized name in streetwear demonstrates the power of creativity, determination, and innovation in the fashion industry. Her ability to transform sneakers into fashion-forward garments has left an indelible mark on the world of fashion, and her appearance on “The Hype” is sure to introduce her unique vision to a broader audience.

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