Avant Manufacturers Inc. Unveils Exciting New Cannabis Products in Ontario

Avant Manufacturers Inc. Unveils Exciting New Cannabis Products in Ontario

Kelowna-based Avant Manufacturers Inc. (TSX:AVNT)(OTCQX:AVTBF)(FRA:1BU0), a leading producer of premium handcrafted cannabis products, is making waves in the cannabis industry once again. With 11 SKUs approved for listing by the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Avant is set to launch an impressive array of new products in the province, further cementing its reputation for innovation and quality.

Avant’s Founder and CEO, Norton Singhavon, expressed his excitement about meeting the growing demand for their products in Ontario and the commitment to delivering top-notch cannabis experiences to consumers. This article explores the exciting new offerings from Avant and what they signify for both the company and the cannabis industry at large.

The BLKMKT™ Lineup:

Avant’s BLKMKT™ products cater to seasoned cannabis connoisseurs looking for the highest quality flower. The new additions to the BLKMKT™ lineup include:

  1. BLKMKT™ Pineapple P Cold Cured Live Rosin: With 70-80% THC and 8-10% terpenes, this product boasts a sweet flavor profile. It hit the shelves on August 23, 2022.
  2. BLKMKT™ Purple Rain: This hybrid cultivar combines Cherry Punch and Sweet Rain strains, offering 26-32% THC and 2.5-3.5% terpenes with a delightful sweet gasoline flavor. Available as of September 6, 2022.
  3. BLKMKT™ Peanut Butter MAC Live Rosin All-In-One: A lightweight disposable with 72-80% THC and 7-10% terpenes, featuring a nutty flavor profile. Also available as of September 6, 2022.

The Tenzo™ Collection:

Tenzo™ products are designed to provide high-quality craft cannabis at an affordable price, enhancing the consumer experience with premium packaging and enticing aromas. New additions to the Tenzo™ lineup include:

  1. Tenzo™ THC Diamonds: Made from Avant’s indoor-grown flower and featuring added terpene sauce, these diamonds contain a staggering 85-95% THC. Available as of August 23, 2022.
  2. Tenzo™ Avalanche Whole Flower & Pre-Rolls: This high-THC hybrid boasts 28%-32% THC and 2-2.5% terpenes, offering a sweet melon flavor. It’s available as of September 6, 2022.

The Cognōscente™ Experience:

Cognōscente™ products represent limited edition drops designed to elevate the consumer experience. These products pay homage to Canada’s top micro-producers and include:

  1. Cognōscente™ Craft Tasting Flight Micro Edition: A sampling of three small-batch premium cultivars from three different craft micro-producers, each in 2g jars housed in an elegant custom-designed tube, containing 23%-26% THC. The first Craft Tasting Flight offering sold out immediately.
  2. Cognōscente™ A Blunt Experience: Featuring 3 x 1g blunts in custom-designed packaging with glass tubes, showcasing the same craft flower as in the Craft Tasting Flight Micro Edition, with 25%-27% THC.

Avant Manufacturers Inc. continues to make its mark in the cannabis industry with its innovative, high-quality products. The company’s commitment to delivering exceptional cannabis experiences to consumers is evident in the diverse and enticing offerings within its BLKMKT™, Tenzo™, and Cognōscente™ product lines. As Avant expands its presence in Ontario, it sets a precedent for other cannabis producers to follow suit in delivering top-notch cannabis products to Canadian consumers.

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